15 September 2009 @ 01:51 pm
After my usual monthly ninja vanish, I had intended to do a write-up of the craziness that has been occurring-and may still do so eventually-but then I started perusing and older Livejournal entries and it made me feel somewhat nostalgic. I began contemplating the ways in which the Internet has colored my interactions with the people I know and how very easily some people can slip away.

It's funny really, to contemplate how things are so easily connected. I went from to to livejournal, where I then discovered GAFF and thus made further acquaintances on both and livejournal. There are people I have 'known' for five or six years whom I still speak to in brief instances and others who have vanished completely. I wonder about them sometimes and hope they are faring well. There have been the very rare individuals who managed to make an impact-for better or for worse-upon me and it does make me feel a little sad sometimes knowing I may never come in contact with them ever again.

People come and people go, as is only natural. But for all those who remain and those who have gone and may perhaps return, I do wish you all the best.
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